A New Era: Uptech Global

Today, the flame at Fuse Digital is flickering — but only for a moment, and we’re coming back brighter than before.

We’re reintroducing ourselves as Uptech Global: From digital transformation, software architecture and development to analytics and internal growth, we do it all. Uptech Global is an agile Digital Transformation & IT Services company that helps your business thrive.

Our rebrand goes beyond finding a replacement for a name that didn’t serve us well anymore. We’ve been around 6 months — enough time to make a few mistakes, and thankfully also enough time to recover from them. We’ve learned a lot from designing products and websites, but we’ve also learned more about the larger impact we want to make in the industry.

Our new name — Uptech Global — explains the difference in our focus:

  1. We’re driven to provide digital transformation services throughout SoutEast Asia.
  2. We’re determined to provide the best IT services throughout SouthEast Asia.

We’re not just another IT Services company. We want to provide digital transformation that aligns with your business process and we develop products with a human-centric approach.

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