The Best Resources For Learning To Code

The Internet and computing programs that shape our world run on code. Coding is the backbone of everything on the Internet, from kitten videos to collaboration software. Learning to Code is not an easy skill by any stretch of the imagination. There are stereotypes of coding being a skill only young people can understand. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Internet provides ample resources to learn how to code, many of them for free. Even if you work in a non-technical role learning to code can boost your career. 

When deciding on a platform to learn to code, it’s best to know your learning style. While many programs or tutorials are fantastic resources, that doesn’t mean they are the best solution for you. There are programs, like bootcamps, that allow you to take a crash course in coding where you can gain entry-level employment within months. Crash courses don’t work for everyone. Another option is a self-paced course that allows students to learn at their own pace. This a great option if you take your time to understand a process before jumping in. 

Learn Coding For Free

There’s nothing you can’t learn when it comes to the Internet. Videos, tutorials, DIY blogs, and online courses are available at no cost. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it gives everyone access to the tools they need to learn skills, from cooking to coding. You can learn to code for free across so many places online. However, just because there’s lot of courses, doesn’t mean all the courses are right for you. You need to do your research beforehand and make sure you pick a coding program that has good reviews and is equippied to your level. An important process of learning is collaborating with peers. Make sure you can share your work for peer review. There are many advantages to seeing other students’ approaches to similar projects rather than always consulting the teacher or expert. There are many ways to achieve the same result!


Like any skill, there is a university, community college, or trade school that you can attend to learn coding skills. Unlike free resources, college and other institutions come with associated costs. While getting a four-year degree can be a valuable investment in your career, it is rarely possible for anyone who isn’t just graduating high school. Online degrees offer students the ability to learn anywhere and in diverse living situations. Colleges are time-consuming, and much of the time you spend learning isn’t focused on skills that prepare you for an entry-level career. Bootcamps have evolved to focus on skills for coding jobs by having students solve the same problems software engineers and other tech workers do on a daily basis. 


The Internet is reinventing the way we do things, and learning is no exception. Coding bootcamps cut straight to the chase. They start with basic operations, build their way up to complex problems and culminate with students creating an actual project. The project typically aligns with the course but is usually up to the learner to pick their project. 

Coding bootcamps cover dozens of different career paths. Coding skills apply to hundreds of different positions outside of “software engineer.” You can learn to be a mobile app developer, full stack developer, data scientist, or digital marketer. Put a lot of thought into your computer science career path to make sure you are learning a skill you can see yourself doing as a career. There are so many different career paths you are sure to find a career that aligns with your interests. 

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are sprouting up, left, right, and center. Tech companies are growing as entrepreneurs find innovative ways to use technology to approach industries in new ways. The advantage they have over colleges and trade schools is their specificity and timeliness. Bootcamps can be completed in a few months giving you the skills and practice required to start a career in the tech industry. 

Many schools offer various ways to pay for bootcamps. One of their more inventive methods is deferred payments. You pay nothing while you are taking courses and even after you graduate. You only need to pay your tuition once you get a tech job earning a minimum salary. This is an inviting offer if you are looking to switch your career but are tight on funds. It’s also worth noting tech salaries are much higher than the national average. 

Start Learning Today

Get started today by looking at the best coding bootcamps. No matter which option is best for your learning style of life situation, there is no better time to learning a coding language than right now.

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